Spray Painting Morehead & Greenville NC

We are a company that specializes in all types of painting, including industrial and large-scale painting spray painting machines. Our crew has years of experience in spray painting large areas and we perpetually continue their training to ensure that their painting skills, knowledgeability and safety standards remain the best in the field. Using the most efficient techniques, we can restore older surfaces that may be greasy or dirty or may be cracking or peeling. If you have newly constructed property, we can prime the interior or exterior using our sprayers in record time, as doing so doesn’t require masking off areas not to be painted like is necessary for painting wall color, ceilings and trim, etc. Spray painting using our spray painting machines provides a fast, flawless painted finish for your home, business or industrial space. This type of painting provides a smooth, even coat and is perfect for large spaces such as fluted metal deck ceilings, factory piping, walls and concrete floor, larger residential buildings, industrial interior or exterior walls or other industrial spaces. We use the best brands of paint sprayers, paint and specialty paint additives on the market which helps us to get the most even coat in a timely manner, so that we can get in and out of your property and you can get back to business as usual in your home, office or industrial space in record time. We are the best spray painting Morehead & Greenville NC!

Best Spray Painting Morehead & Greenville NC

Our airless sprayers provide a perfect coat that’s as smooth as glass, even on woodwork and doors. Our sprayers pump paint through a hose and then out through a tiny hole at the tip of the spray gun at very high pressures of up to three thousand psi, which spreads the paint into a fan pattern. Droplets of paint are dispersed evenly over any surface and the final finish is ultra smooth. We can also use our sprayers to apply stain to wood surfaces such as decks or barns. The ultra smooth finish we achieve using our sprayers is unmatched and cannot be achieved using old fashioned, conventional methods such as brushing or rolling. However, if you prefer the texture that comes with rolling, we can utilize a method called “back-rolling” to add your desired level of texture to whatever surface you choose. We will always take the greatest care to ensure that the job is done well and in a timely manner and that our work on your property fits the hours which work best for your schedule. We always make sure to properly prepare any surface we utilize our airless sprayer systems on, as we have found that the cleaner and smoother the surface to be painted is upon starting the job, the smoother and more perfect the final result will be. In order for the paint to adhere well to any surface to be painted, it must be completely smooth, clean and dry. We take pride in being sure that all surfaces are completely prepared before beginning the spray painting process on any job we’re contracted to do. We understand that using a spray painter to cover an area that isn’t correctly prepared will result in a subpar job and ultimately, will result in higher costs and more lost time, since a job that hasn’t been done correctly will likely always need to be redone the right way. In order to ensure that we get the job done right the first time, we use several methods to prepare surfaces to accept paint from a sprayer. This type of preparation isn’t always a neat and clean job, but don’t worry- our very professional and trained staff will always cover and mask any items or areas that need protection from the mess and when the job is done, you’ll only be able to tell we’ve been there because of your beautiful, smooth, newly painted walls and surfaces. Our preparation techniques vary widely, depending on what surface we are preparing. We may use one or more types of blasting, including sand blasting, metal bead blasting or aggregate blasting. The surface may need to be washed with very hot water, hand sanded or abraded, or cleaned with solvents, or we may need to use our pressure washing machines to get the surface completely prepared.  Our highly skilled and exceptionally trained team of professional paint contractors utilize many methods of primer and paint application and we will always make sure to consider all application options in order to ensure the very best final outcome and your full satisfaction. With our top of the line airless paint sprayers, we can access the most hard to reach interior and exterior nooks and crannies, whether they be residential, commercial or industrial. We have access to and will always utilize the appropriate methods to reach any surface that needs to be primed or painting. We often make use of ladders, scaffolding, scissor lifts and mechanized booms to get our team of painters in just the right spots and our ongoing safety training and certifications ensure that our team is safe during the process and that you and your family, employees, customers or clients are optimally safe, as well. We will always notify you in plenty of time if an area needs to be clear of people traffic during the course of a particular job. Contact us today to paint your space with our sprayers.