Painting Contractor Greenville NC

We offer a large variety of Painting Contractor, interior and exterior painting services. If you don’t see a service you’d like listed here, ask us about it. If we can’t do it ourselves, we can refer you to a dependable company who can.

Interior painting services:
We use only the highest quality tools and paint in your home, so that your paint job will last for many years to
come. We can paint a large variety of interior painting services, including all wall types including drywall, brick,
concrete, wood, wood paneling, vinyl and wood doors, window frames and panes, smooth ceilings, popcorn ceilings,
stamped and all other ceiling types. We offer interior painting in flat, eggshell or gloss paint finishes. Our professionally trained color consultants can work with you to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your colors choices, that the colors work well together and that they’re colors you’ll continue to enjoy for years. We are the best Painting Contractor Greenville NC!

Best Painting Contractor Greenville NC

Our trained painting professionals can do a large variety of specialty painting types. One popular method we offer is rag-rolling, which involves using a special painting applicator to apply two or more colors of paint using an organic design to your wall. We also offer decorative stenciling and can point you to a large line of stenciling options. We can paint horizontal or vertical line patterns in as many colors as you choose to create a decorative accent wall in a room, or a full room of interesting line patterns. We do also offer mural painting by our team artist who has years of experience creating custom murals for nurseries, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, game rooms or any room you’d like to have a specialized wall painting in. Ask us and we can provide you with a many of our staff artist’s past work examples which you can use to help you brainstorm for ideas for your own mural. In recent years, the trend of stained concrete floors has been on the rise, due to their durability and classic look. We can stain your interior or garage floors or patio and
seal them to stand up to high traffic amounts for years. We can stain concrete flooring in a single color, or we can
stain decoratively. We can even stain lettering into your concrete flooring!

Exterior painting services:
We are able paint exterior trim, wood or vinyl siding, adobe or other specialty type walls, concrete or brick. We use top of the line tools, paints, additives and sealants so your exterior painting job will last a very long time and your home will resist damage caused by the elements. If we find damage when we’re preparing the exterior of your home for a new paint job, we will notify you, immediately. We are able to do most repair work involved when we are preparing the exterior surfaces of your home. If we find extensive damage, we may refer you to a company that specializes in repairing it. For typical exterior jobs, we will wash the surfaces to be painted, scrape existing paint that’s peeling or cracked, sand and smooth the surface to its original condition before we begin to apply primer or paint. We can apply as many coats of primer as necessary to cover stains or imperfections and to provide a primary layer to seal your home’s surface from weather and the elements. Then, we will use our high quality paint sprayers for large areas, to apply a perfect and even coat of paint. For smaller areas, we’ll use our rollers and paintbrushes to tend to every detail, nook and cranny, and we invite you to inspect our work to see that we haven’t left an inch untreated. If necessary we can add a special anti-molding agent to our exterior paint to help ward off mildew and mold and to keep your home looking brand new for the longest possible time. Our staff completes ongoing, periodic safety training and is knowledgeable about the best ways to keep themselves and you safe. Our staff also prides themselves on keeping to a schedule which works for you, so if you need us to work or not work at any certain time, please let us know.

Commercial painting services:
We can be contracted to paint any commercial property, large or small. We will always use the best materials and we can work around a schedule that keeps us out of your way and ensures your business can keep going without hassle. Our staff is certified in ongoing safety training and the safety of your employees and clients is our top priority. Our trained color consultants are here to help you choose the perfect colors for your business. For large commercial jobs such as factories, we can provide services such as pressure washing and appropriate chemical application and can be contracted to work at multiple sites at once. For smaller commercial jobs, such as physicians offices or restaurants, we are able to offer all the same painting services as we offer to our residential clients.

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