Exterior Painting Morehead NC & Greenville NC

When it’s time to paint the exterior of your home, you want the best possible service at the best possible price. We understand that there are lots of painting company options to choose from. It’s our mission to make sure you’re completely satisfied with the service we provide and that you’re glad you chose us. We’ll always go to any length to make sure we get the job done right, at the right price and in a timely manner. Challenging problems are nothing new to our team of experts and we take pride in rising to the occasion when any problem that needs solving. Being sure that exterior of your home is properly painted and sealed is a serious matter. If you’ve just built a home, it’s imperative that your home’s exterior paint job is performed with the highest possible quality paints and products in order to ensure that your home is protected from the damaging elements for years to come. We only use the very best available products so that you can be assured that the job we do will last a very long time. Our durable and long lasting exterior paint highly resists stains and is weather proof for the long haul. We don’t just paint wooden homes. We can paint all exterior surfaces, including vinyl or wood siding, concrete, metal and fiberglass doors, decks and garages. We are the best exterior painting Morehead NC!

Best Exterior Painting Morehead NC & Greenville NC

If the existing paint on the exterior of your home is beginning to show signs of wear such as fading, staining, flaking, cracking, chipping or peeling, this indicates that your home’s bare surface is being exposed to moisture and UV rays. Moisture that can effect your home happens because of common weather conditions such as rain, ice, snow, frost, and even high humidity. When applied to the exterior of your home, moisture can cause wood to swell, crack and rot and wood that is left bearing moisture can grow harmful mold and mildew, over time. If you can currently find this type of blistering, cracking or peeling on your home, it is possible that the best paints and products weren’t originally used and the existing paint job may have been sub-par. It’s important to remedy the situation as soon as possible to avoid potential larger property problems such as rotting wood, which can be extremely time consuming and expensive to repair and, depending on the severity of the problem, can result in damage to the structure of your home. Often, home owners don’t even know their home is damaged until there is obvious structural damage. The preparation work we do often can reveal small damage before it turns into something much harder, more expensive and time consuming to repair. We can repair and repaint even the most neglected exterior surfaces and have your home looking like new. We take pride in continuing to stay updated with the latest technology in exterior paint and application to keep your home safe from those problems. We
pay extremely close attention to detail and invite you to closely inspect the job we do. We guarantee you won’t find
any corner cutting. If you’re considering selling your home, the curb appeal that’s added by a fresh coat of paint can significantly increase your home’s resale value. Our team has many years of combined experience and our each team member’s priority is to make sure that the customer is completely satisfied and that all questions are answered and problems are solved. We’re always here to help and our color consultants can help make sure that you choose a color that gives your home the highest possible curb appeal. We can work around your schedule and will be set up, have the surface prepared and the job completed to perfection in no time. If you have special requests concerning scheduling, paint colors or anything that could possibly come up during your experience with us, please don’t hesitate to ask. Our team is extensively experienced and can work to make sure your every concern is resolved. It’s our ultimate goal to make sure we provide you an excellent experience by protecting your home from the elements while making sure to provide you with excellent customer service so that you come back to us again and again and trust us with all of your painting needs. We’re the right team for the job, whether the job is large or small. Each member of our team is fully licensed and
extensively trained to ensure that we get it right, the first time! Call us today for a reliable estimate and keep
your home protected from the elements.