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Owning or running a business is a hectic life. When it’s time to paint your office or industrial space, the last thing you want to add to your busy schedule is dealing with an unreliable painting company. That’s why we take getting it right the first time so seriously. Whether painting for new construction or standard maintenance painting, we can be contracted to paint a small office space or the largest of industrial spaces, or a small office. We guarantee you a painless, quick, affordable commercial painting experience so you can get back to business as usual just as quickly as possible. In order to assure that the job is done right and we’re out of your way in a timely manner, we can work around whatever schedule is best for you, including days, nights or even on the weekends. Our large team is highly experienced and is extensively trained in the latest technologies in the field. Our equipment is state of the art and each of our team members is licensed and prioritizes doing a great job in a timely manner. Our team works hard to provide a flawless finish that will last for years to come we are experts in commercial painting Greenville NC. We can be contracted to work multiple properties at once if you own several buildings and want each property completed simultaneously.

Best Commercial Painting Greenville NC & Morehead NC

Our commercial painting process includes cleaning up as we go so that your employees, clients, patients or guests see as little of our mess as possible. We will always be respectful and friendly to anyone we meet in your place of business and will take every precaution to make sure the environment is safe while we do our jobs. . All of our team members are trained in commercial painter ladder and scaffolding safety, fall prevention and proper equipment usage. We have partnered with several of the most innovative companies in their respective fields to ensure that our team is completely and comprehensively prepared for every aspect of commercial or industrial safety. We take care to prepare your decorations, and flooring by covering every inch of them before we begin to prep and paint. We provide barriers and signs to make sure that the occupants of your buildings have a safe route around our work space. We treat even the largest industrial space with immaculate care, sanding down rough spots, caulking gaps between the trim, molding and walls, filling holes causes by nails or picture hanging screws, repairing drywall cracks and stripping off existing wall coverings or wallpaper and cleaning the wall surface in order to ensure the optimal paint performance. We are excellent and covering trouble spots and stains, large or small. We have all the best equipment to get the job done right, including pressure washers, scaffolding and paint sprayers. For special industrial jobs, we have extensive experience with preparing and coating concrete surfaces. If we need to work during business hours, we are able to do so. We specialize in everything commercial and industrial and can provide everything from standard interior office paint to industrial epoxies. We have the most state of the art equipment for hand tooling and sand blasting for the purpose of surface preparation. We can paint the exterior of your factory or pipes that seem to go on forever. We really can do it all. Sustainability is one of our team’s top priorities. We have taken many steps over the course of our years in business to make every effort to reduce the amount of hazardous materials we use and keep our carbon footprint as light as possible. Contact us to day to schedule a time to meet with a team member who can give you a reliable and accurate estimate. We can always adjust our original estimate as needed as the job progresses. Call us today to get it done quickly, efficiently and affordably.

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